Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I like drawing trees that look in a way different and strange from what we know about trees from our planet.


Im not sure what this is. But i drew it off a picture of a politition i just completly modified it. Their ugly ppl.
I think sum of you have seen my tree tattoo on my right arm. This is the sketch i drew, and then decided i liked it so much i was gana get it permanently done on my body.


I think i gave a few of you sum stickers with the exact same punkrocker. Well this is were he came from, this very same sketch..REVOLT!!!



Not much goin on here. Its just an old tree on top of a hill. Wish i was there.

Lust for Love

I really enjoyed drawing this sketch from a model i saw in vogue magazine. I simply distorted her face and added my own elements. Her hair is really wavey, i like to draw lines that move as a rhythm or procedure with uniform or pattern of recurrences of a beat.

I did manage to paint it with watercolors on watercolor paper but it turned out to girlissshh, if their is such a word. But the sketch is great in my opinion.

Monday, November 1, 2010